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Prophet Kobus van Rensburg Spirit Word Resourcen

Single DvD´s

83. God will meet with you there84. God´s Secret Place85. Grace and Glory87. Grace, Offence and Boldness92. Gracious Glorification94. Guaranteed answer to Prayer95. Heal the Sick96. Healing is for Now97. Healing the Sick 2&398. Healing Waters99. Heavenly Stars100. Hidden Power revealed102. Higher Life103. Holy Spirit the Teacher 1&2104. Holy Water105. Hour of Healing106. House of the Lord - Part 1107. House of the Lord - Part 2108. House of the Lord - Part 3109. How is Your Conversation?110. I will not give My Glory to another111. In everything Give Thanks112. In His Image 1&2113. Jesus is Lord114. Kingdom Agreement

115. Kingdom of Grace and Light116. Kingdom Seed118. Laid up Wealth 120. Let Your Light so Shine121. Let Your mind agree with your Heart122. Live and Never Die 1&2123. Live by the Word 1&2124. Making a Demand on the Miraculous125. Manifestation of heaven revealed126. Many Waters127. Measures or Fullness 129. Ministering the Holy Spirit130. Ministry of Servants131. Miraculous Power from the Throne 132. More Waters133. Mortify the Body by the Spirit134. Mountains of the Lord135. My Father, My Father136. No Accusation137. It's harvest time Part 1138. No more Generation Curses139. No More Sicknesses140. No more war

141. Opening the Garden of Eden 1142. Opening the Garden of Eden 2143. Our Focus is on the Cross144. Overcoming Fire145. Positive Confession146. Power from on High 2147. Power from on High 3148. Power from the Secret Place149. Power of Laying on of Hands150. Power of Resurrection151. Power of Speaking in Tongues153. Power Released on the Third Day154. Power to show His Glory155. Pray and Say the Word156. Prayer and Thoughts Taken157. Praying in Tongues159. Preserve your Spirit160. Prophecy in the house161. Qualifying Speech162. Quicken unto Joy163. Real Life Part 1164. Real Life Part 2165. Re-kindle the Fire166. Renewed or Removed167. Restoration at least double at the Pool

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