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Prophet Kobus van Rensburg Spirit Word Resourcen

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168. Restored Vision169. Resurrection Life170. Rewarded By Choice171. Riding with the King 173. Righteous Prayers174. Righteousness in the Cross175. Righteousness of the Lamb176. Say what God Says177. Sealed and Anointed178. Sealed unto everlasting life179. See the crucified Christ180. Shake loose from the Dust182. Showing Your Power and Glory Music183. Smashing Prayers184. Soaking Session - Music185. Song of Victory - Music186. Spirit Rising188. Spiritual Floods190. Spiritual Tongues191. Spirituality192. Stars bursting forth in the Light193. Stars with no Devils194. Stay in Love195. Stones on Top of the Stones

196. Strengthen Your Vision197. Stuff don´t Happen198. Take no Thought 1199. Take no Thought 2200. Thanksgiving is the Will of God 1&2202. The Battle of Armageddon203. The Benefits of Your New Mother204. The Blood Life Part 1205. The Blood Life Part 2206. The Caught-up Life207. The Choice to Think208. The Chosen Generation209. The coming of the Glory Part 1210. The Compassionate Kingdom211. The Covering of God´s Love 213. The cross our Banner 215. The divine Life216. The Father Knows Your Needs218. The Faultless Image219. The Faultless Law of Liberty220. The Fruit of Your Speech221. The Heritage around Us222. The Lord is my Strength223. The Message for 2008

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224. The Power of His Resurrection226. The Power of the Blood Part 1227. The power of the Blood Part 2228. The Promise of Faith229. The Rapture - True or False230. The Real New Testament232. The Reward of the Stickability 1&2233. The Soul-The real you234. The Spirit of Faith part 2235. The Sword of Life236. The Wealth of the Righteous237. The Word238. There I will meet with you239. Think The Cross240. Thirsty for More Anointing242. Thoughts, Religious or Righteous243. Through The Door to the Throne244. Through the Eyes of the Cross245. Transference of the Spirits 1&2246. Travailing High Priest247. Trust Your Thoughts 1&2248. Truth of Eternal Life 1& 2249. Two Mountains, two Clouds 1& 2250. Two Sides to Forgiveness251. Uncondemed Prayer Life 1

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